How to Avoid Avoiding Looking Inappropriate at Work

4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Avoiding Looking Inappropriate at Work”

  1. I wonder why fashion and gossip magazines would do if women actually didn’t care about how they looked and just wore what was apropriate for a given situation? I wouldn’t wear a tracksuit to a funeral and I wouldn’t wear a suit to play a rock show. I certainly wouldn’t wear a cod piece to an office job. Where the hell is any common sense?

    Where this article may not be down your alley you don’t know how many women it could have helped who suffer from any kind of social anxiety or learning disorder that just got the office job of their dreams.


    1. I think you make an excellent point about being helpful to people with social anxiety. If it were clearly written with that specific purpose in mind I think that could be helpful and not nearly as patronizing. Although…you know…maybe update their fashion advice. 😉

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