Becoming a Diva

I tried the Diva Cup.

Last month I bought a diva cup after reading a blog article by someone who really loved their diva cup.  Menstruation is the worst.  It’s probably less the expelling of my endometrial lining once a month and more the hellish cramps that go with the process.  There isn’t enough ibuprofen on earth to get me through my period.  I hate it.

So what difference does a diva cup make and what on earth made me decide to buy one?  Well clearly diva cups do nothing for your cramps.  However, if you’re feeling earth conscious and would like to reduce your imprint not to mention save some money on sanitary products maybe the diva cup is for you.

I’m not a tampon user.  I’ve tried them before and I could never really get the hang of the string and a piece of cotton shoved up my vagina.  The alternative of course is pads and that’s always been more my speed.  Yes, I have just admitted the variety of period supplies I use.  What I’m saying is that the diva cup was a change of pace for me and after I spent $29.99 on it I was a little worried.

The diva cup arrived and it wasn’t yet that time of the month so I read the instructions and tucked it back on a shelf until the time came.  Weird, when I did get my period I was actually kind of excited.  I’m a nerd for new gizmos, why should it be any different when it comes to my vagina?  Clearly the excitement wore off once the cramps hit, but it was still interesting.  I’m on my second diva cup period, and I didn’t use it for the entire week the first time.  I’ve decided that I’m easing into it.  After all, I’m 33 and I’ve been getting my period for just over twenty years.  Change is hard.

Change is also rewarding, and the process of switching to the diva cup made me think about my period in a totally different way.  So, as mentioned, cramps same.  Still, periods are gross, right?  We’re trained to think of our period as something horrifying that is disgusting and that we should hide and never speak of except in special groups of lady friends when we compare tales of doubling over in pain.  Maybe someone mentions that they have a really heavy flow.  It’s still pretty abstract.

I’ve never gotten up close with my flow.  It grossed me out.  Besides, standard menstrual products don’t really require you to know about it.  So when I used my diva cup I got a chance to really see my flow.  It’s not scary.  It’s a little messy, but it’s part of my body.  It is a fact of my existence.  Getting up close and personal with my period without feeling grossed out or disgusted by my own body was liberating.

And, not for nothing, there were a couple times during the last week when I was using the diva cup and I almost completely forgot I was even on my period.  If it’s inserted properly there may be a point during your period that you just totally forget that your period is happening.  It’s never happened to me before.  I’m always extremely aware of my period.  For these moments alone the diva cup was totally worth it.

So…conclusion?  I’m happy I went for it.  I plan to continue and in a couple months I hope to be 100% diva cup during my lady times.  It’s really made me think about and look at my period in a whole new way, and that’s pretty cool.


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