A Personal Note on Bisexual Pride Day

Hi, I’m bisexual.

I’m also married to a cisgender man.  I’m not going to detail the history of my relationships, sexual or otherwise, with you or anyone because the totality of my experience is none of your business unless I care to make it so and I don’t.

For better or for worse it is not obvious to people that I am bisexual.  It’s not because I’m in a relationship with a guy.  If I were in a relationship with a woman you’d assume that I’m a lesbian.  Because I’m married to a dude people assume that I’m straight.  I get it.  I do.

I often feel guilty that I’m married to a guy because I feel like I’m not feeling the struggle enough.  Oppression isn’t an Olympic sport, but I would never claim to have felt the sort of discrimination that is levied against my L, G, T, and Q compatriots whose identities may be more obvious.  I love my husband and I certainly shouldn’t have to feel bad about being in a committed relationship with a person who loves and supports me, and yet here I am.

Intellectually I don’t really care what anyone thinks.  I know what’s going on in my brain and I don’t owe anyone anything in terms of proving that I am attracted to men and women.  So…I don’t know where this was going.  Just hey, I’m bisexual.

Have a nice day.


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