A Paragon of Virtue: The Donald Trump Story


I’ve been MIA for awhile because I’m a busy person and often times as soon as I think of something to write about it just jumps out of my head.  I should carry a journal around with me and write things down instantly.

Sorry, that’s beside the point.

Donald Trump had another episode of tweetarrhia this morning.  I’d like to focus briefly on the tweet at the top, above the .gif of Squidward that accurately depicts the look on my face when I read the tweet.  Know why?  It was one single word.


Virtue has been but one in a toolkit of blunt instruments used to beat women about the head with for – oh, I don’t know – the length and breadth of history.  Virtue is the definition of a woman.  A woman lacking in virtue is a woman of no worth.  That’s what Donald Trump is reminding you.

Just for fun, and because I apparently have very little disregard for my blood pressure, I googled “women and virtue”.  These are but the first of the results that followed:


Men like Donald Trump use the word virtue as a standard which invariably invalidates every accomplishment that a woman has made in her life.  What Donald Trump, in that tweet and elsewhere, is currently having the gall to declare is that Alicia Machado is somehow of less value as a human being because she’s not living up to his standards of sexual morality (for women).

You know what the most aggravating thing is, though?  Alicia Machado’s “virtue” has nothing to do with anything.  Hillary Clinton is not attempting to put her forward as a “paragon of virtue”.

Hillary Clinton pointed out that Donald Trump’s well-documented obsession with women’s bodies.  She pointed out that when Alicia Machado had the unmitigated cheek to – like most regular people – gain a little weight.  He then publicly humiliated her, something he is continuing to do today.

And what is Donald Trump’s response to those people “knocking” him today?

I don’t know about answering calls, but I do know that it seems that there is no time of day or night that Donald Trump isn’t ready and willing to use his public platform to denigrate, degrade, and humiliate any woman who doesn’t meet his personal physical standards or who publicly disagrees with him.