Thinking Through the #BlackLivesMatter Interruption of Bernie Sanders

Yet another of Bernie Sanders rallies was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters.  Like most white liberals I have mixed feelings.  This is a a thing that I will honestly admit.  Personally, I’m not a Bernie supporter.  I mean, if he wins the Democratic nomination I’ll vote for him in the general; I’ll even campaign … Continue reading Thinking Through the #BlackLivesMatter Interruption of Bernie Sanders

I Don’t Have To Like You

Hey guess what?  Did you know that I’m not required to like you?  …like even if you’re an American. That seems like a non sequitur.  Let me explain.  Via a Facebook page that I run I posted an article about the Governor of Pennsylvania vetoing a totally bullshit Republican budget (high fives, Gov. Wolf…that was … Continue reading I Don’t Have To Like You

Pay for Play Opinion

I occasionally submit letters to the editor to various local newspapers.  As a person active in politics, it’s a thing that I do.  Sometimes I write them because I’m personally inspired, sometimes it’s because a particular political campaign has asked me to do so.  Just for the sake of context here is the letter that … Continue reading Pay for Play Opinion