As a way of putting off doing any of the productive things I should be doing – writing a message for a church service in two days, political work, educational reading, exercising – I decided instead I’d take a few minutes to talk about my favorite podcasts.  It’s all my friend Whitney’s fault.  She suggested … Continue reading Podcastinating

Authority-Figure Anxiety!

It doesn’t show online, but I’m a pretty nervous person.  I’m eager to please and I over-apologize, as women are socialized to do.  I hate it.  I’m working on it. This nervousness comes with some reactions that I don’t seem to have much control over, though, and that’s my biggest problem.  One of the worst … Continue reading Authority-Figure Anxiety!

Ritual Invalidation

Women – at least in the United States* – are socially engineered to belittle our houses as an extension of ourselves.  That’s a thing I told someone today.  The person I was emailing back and forth with is a guy and his fiancee felt that their house wasn’t “nice” enough to host a particular event. … Continue reading Ritual Invalidation

Oh, Jeremy Renner…

I didn’t want to pile onto Jeremy Renner.  Frankly, as pissed off as I was by his really crappy commentary on Black Widow, I just wanted to move on.  Chris Evans/Captain America made a reasonably sincere sounding apology.  Renner gave us the standard “I’m sorry if you were offended” non-apology.  It was bullshit and it … Continue reading Oh, Jeremy Renner…

Becoming a Diva

I tried the Diva Cup. Last month I bought a diva cup after reading a blog article by someone who really loved their diva cup.  Menstruation is the worst.  It’s probably less the expelling of my endometrial lining once a month and more the hellish cramps that go with the process.  There isn’t enough ibuprofen … Continue reading Becoming a Diva